Acts of God

The other day I was reading through an insurance document and was again struck by the “Acts of God” clause. Hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, floods – all of which render the agreement useless. These are acts of God? Really? We permit the world out there to refer to God as one who wreaks havoc and brings ruin. In fact, many scientists would argue these natural disasters are increasing because of the world’s awful stewardship of a magnificent creation which is an act of God. The rainbow which followed the great flood was an act of God serving as a reminder of God’s promise to us, God’s covenant with every living creature.

We pray for acts of God all the time. For healing, strength, patience, answers. We pray in thanksgiving as we do this week especially for the wonderful act of God named Dorris Cain. We pray for an act of God to bring understanding, peace and justice in these especially unsettled times at home and throughout the world. These acts of God bring hope and comfort, not destruction.

During Advent we prepare to celebrate the most amazing act of God, the birth of our Savior – the Prince of Peace. Emanuel means God is with us. It is that Emanuel who grows up for an even more awesome act. His trip to the cross is followed by the most ultimate act of God. It is in that act of God’s grace that we find ourselves nestled in God’s arms forever. So, you see, contracts have it all wrong. Acts of God don’t ruin. It is the acts of God which lift us up, give us hope, comfort us, and will stay with us for all time.

May your Advent be blessed as your heart is prepared to welcome this ultimate act, Christ the King!