Its a Cause, not a Career…

Serving as a volunteer at our Underground Thrift Store isn’t a career – it’s a CAUSE.
Here are some inspiriting reasons why our current volunteers got involved…. And why you could too.

CAROLINE KOSTER: “ I enjoy being an Underground Thrift “shop girl”…I love seeing people’s faces when they find a great bargain, and how it brightens even more when you remind them what a good cause they are shopping for. It’s fun to work in the shop and represent the Church to the neighborhood in a direct and different way. And, when you have an office job, it’s a good reminder of what hard work it is to work in a store or any retail position…it makes me more sympathetic when I do my own shopping now. And, I love that the Thrift store truly represents an example of Plymouth putting its money and its energy where its mouth is by fighting a real world problem with a real world solution. I think Reverend Beecher and his congregation would be proud of us and I am so thrilled that we can continue to fight for social justice like so many brave Plymouth pilgrims did before us…”

LAUREN CHAPIN: “As a new member at Plymouth three years ago, I was looking for a way to connect with the congregation. Friendly faces at coffee hour were nice but I knew that I needed something more personal. When considering all the options to volunteer at Plymouth, getting involved with music or study groups and with my background in fashion design and costumes, helping at the thrift store was a clear fit. I made good friends the first year of sorting clothes on Fridays and those friendships grew over the years. The few hours a week always flew by and it was with real satisfaction that I knew I was, in the smallest way, helping move Plymouth’s legacy of fighting against slavery, forward into this century also supporting the church itself. For anyone considering it, please do volunteer. It’s easy to get up to speed on the sales floor and our work together is always done with a light heart.”

LEE SCOTT: “I like spending an afternoon with another Plymouth member, sometimes one I don’t know too well, chatting, meeting customers, helping them find what they want, and whether or not they buy, having a chance to tell them how the Underground Thrift benefits our anti-human trafficking program. You also get to see a lot of really cute kids, babies, and sometimes even a dog or two, not to mention sometimes finding your mathematical abilities in question! Fortunately, two heads are better than one, and it always works out in the end!”

JACQUE JONES: “I enjoy greeting the customers who are regulars, those who come in just about every week. I like being able to say that a portion of the proceeds goes to an anti-human trafficking organization – and watching customer’s interest “perk up” when I say that. Clearly it touches a chord with many customers. I enjoy spending quality time with one member of Plymouth Church. So often we gather in groups and it is hard to have an in-depth conversation. During the down time at the Thrift, you can get to know your co-volunteer pretty well. I enjoy having the time to shop for myself. I almost always find something I cannot live without. “

Inspired to work with these amazing Thrift Store volunteers yet?! Get involved today with our Sunday afternoon sales team or our Friday morning sorting crew. It’s super easy, just CLICK HERE!