An Invitation to Matt Damon

Dear Matt:

Like everyone who loved Oceanís Eleven (Twelve and Thirteen not so much), I was sorry to hear that St. Annís turned down your children.† I know you make $20 million a film, but it must still sting.† No one should blame your kids for Monuments Men.† Maybe you should have given them a Bourne Ultimatum.

This whole ordeal has to be hard on your family.† Iím guessing you are feeling pretty downólike the only person left on Mars, a criminal who has infiltrated the Boston police department, or a private in World War II caught behind enemy lines.

You and Luciana seem like great parents, so you know the importance of surrounding your children with caring people.† You should come to Plymouth Church.† Our congregation works hard to help children learn what it means to live in Godís hope.† You will love our childrenís minister.† Julia Rassmann has helped create an environment in which children feel cared for.† (I am sorry that you are moving back to New York too late for your children to attend our preschool.† Plymouth Church School is fantastic.)

We have lots of activities for children.† Each Sunday after the childrenís time in worship, they go to Sunday school.† Like St. Annís, we donít give grades.† Our teachers use games, crafts, and music to share the Christian faith.† We have childrenís choirs and summer camps.† (As you recently learned, itís never too early to get on a waiting list.)

We have childrenís movie night on September 16.† We are planning to show Milo and Otis, but if you have a DVD of Happy Feet 2 we would be glad to show that.

We will observe Childrenís Sabbath on October 2.† We believe the church is an Adjustment Bureau improving the lives of children.

The Blessing of the Animals is October 4.† You would be welcome to share a few lines from We Bought a Zoo.

I have never been to Pumpkinland (October 30), but I hear itís stellar, if not Interstellar.

Our church shows True Grit in our commitment to social justice.† Our congregation is given to the countercultural way of worship, friendship, and service. †We are a diverse community of faith, coming from many different backgrounds, but unified in Godís grace.

How do you like them apples?† (I bet you get a lot of that.)† I am sure Isabella, Gia, and Stella would find friends at our church.† You and Luciana would, too.† We would love to see your family at Plymouth.† If you see Ethan Hawke or Maggie Gyllenhaal, tell them their children are welcome at Plymouth, too.

Grace and peace,



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